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Table 1 20 SNPs genotyped on the loci of 14 putative RA candidate genes

From: Constructing gene association networks for rheumatoid arthritis using the backward genotype-trait association (BGTA) algorithm

SNP Gene Locus
rs2476601 PTPN22 1p13.3–13.1
CT60 CTLA4 2q33
rs1061622 TNFRSF1B 1p36.3–36.2
rs2240340 PADI4 1p36.13
rs6149307 HAVCR1 5q33.2
5509_5511delCAA HAVCR1 5q33.2
IGR2096ms1 IBD5 5q31.1
IGR3084ms1 IBD5 5q31.1
IGR3138ms1 IBD5 5q31.1
rs2073838 SLC22A4 5q31.1
rs31480 IL3 5q31.1
rs2243250 IL4 5q31.1
rs237025 SUMO4 6q25
rs577001 SUMO4 6q25
rs1248696 DLG5 10q23
HugotSNP12ms3 CARD15 16q21
HugotSNP8ms2 CARD15 16q21
HugotSNP13ms2 CARD15 16q21
rs2268277 RUNX1 21q22.3
rs755622 MIF 22q11.23