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Table 1 Significant results in the uncorrected, corrected, and cis-only analyses

From: Statistical corrections of linkage data suggest predominantly cis regulations of gene expression

  Number of genes with a significant linkage signal
Analysis cis trans cis and trans Multiple trans Total
Uncorrecteda 27 110 2 3 142
Correctedb 19c 3 0 0 22
Corrected (cis only)d 46 -- -- -- 46
  1. aUncorrected analysis of Morley et al. [1]
  2. bCorrected method described in this paper
  3. cThe 19 cis signals in the corrected analysis are a subset of the 27 in the uncorrected analysis, which are a subset of the 46 in the cis-only analysis.
  4. dCorrected method when only the 10-Mb region around each gene is considered (and thus the correction for multiple tests is less severe).