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Table 2 Expression phenotypes with significant linkage signals

From: Statistical corrections of linkage data suggest predominantly cis regulations of gene expression

Gene Location Z cis/trans
ZP3 7q11.23 9.62 cis
LRAP 5q15 8.92 cis
LOC388796 20q11.23 8.79 cis
HLA-DQB1 6p21.3 8.18 cis
RPL31 2q11.2 7.92 cis
HSD17B12 11p11.2 7.82 cis
CHI3L2 1p13.3 7.78 cis
EIF5A 17p13 7.61 cis
CSTB 21q22.3 7.59 cis
TM7SF3 12q11 7.56 cis
CGI-96 22q13.2 7.50 cis
HLA-DPB1 6p21.3 7.47 cis
DDX17 22q13.1 7.42 cis
EGR2 10q21.1 7.15 trans
DSCR2 21q22.3 7.03 trans
PEX6 6p21.1 6.98 cis
TGB1BP1 2p25.2 6.92 cis
PSPH 7p15.2 6.90 cis
PARP4 13q11 6.72 cis
AP3S2 15q26.1 6.54 cis
TGIF 18p11.3 6.52 trans
CPNE1 20q11.22 6.51 cis
  1. Shown are the 22 linkages detected by our corrected method (FDR = 10%). The first 19 of these were also detected using the permutation-based procedure (FDR = 10%).