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Table 1 Candidate SNP markers

From: Exhaustive screens for disease susceptibility loci incorporating statistical interaction of genotypes: a comparison of likelihood-ratio-based and Akaike and Bayesian information criteria-based methods

HLA Region r2 (DR)a Flanking Locus D q-arm
denseSNP6_3241b 0.608 denseSNP6_3915 denseSNP6_11568 denseSNP6_15916
denseSNP6_3426c 0.449 denseSNP6_3916 denseSNP6_11611 denseSNP6_11656
denseSNP6_3271 0.404 denseSNP6_3917 denseSNP6_11621 denseSNP6_15886
denseSNP6_3436c 0.030 denseSNP6_3918 denseSNP6_15881 denseSNP6_11596
denseSNP6_3281 0.020   denseSNP6_15976 denseSNP6_15961
denseSNP6_3236 0.006   denseSNP6_15921  
denseSNP6_3261b 0.003   denseSNP6_16891  
denseSNP6_3251 0.003   denseSNP6_11646  
denseSNP6_3476c 0.001   denseSNP6_11666  
denseSNP6_3201c 0.001   denseSNP6_11616  
  1. aThe diallelic r2 with DR C allele.
  2. bMarginally significant at the study-wide level in over 50% of replicates.
  3. cMarginally significant at the genome-wide level in over 50% of the replicates.