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Table 2 Classification results

From: A two-stage classification approach identifies seven susceptibility genes for a simulated complex disease

  Logistic regression  
MDR testing accuracy Maximized accuracy Nagelkerke R2 Factors
Before undertaking genetic analyses
82.6% 84.3% 0.652 Number of DR 3 alleles
85.7% 85.7% 0.683 Number of DR 3 alleles, sex, smoked
Using results from first round of genetic analyses
86.5% 86.4% 0.705 Number of DR 3 alleles, sex, smoked, SNP11_389, SNP18_269
Using results from second round of genetic analyses
88.4% 88.5% 0.715 Number of DR 3 alleles, sex, SNP6_154, SNP6_162
88.2% 88.5% 0.746 +Smoked, SNP11_389, SNP18_269
Using SNPs/SNP haplotypes nearest the underlying loci as described in the "answers"
88.5% 88.5% 0.746 The SNPs nearest loci A-F, sex, smoking, DR genotype
Using the underlying loci provided in the "answers"
88.7% 90.1% 0.773 Number of deleterious alleles at loci A-F, sex, smoking, DR