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Table 2 Number of times H0 is rejected using the various methods of testing for genetic association

From: A new score statistic to test for association given linkage in affected sibling pair-control designs

    Testing for association given linkage
Replicates Significance level Testing association in ASP-controlsa Ub in ASP-controls U*c in ASP-controls LR statisticd in ASP-controls LR statisticd in ASP
1 to 100 0.05 100 100 100 100 42
1 to 100 0.001 93 91 97 98 5
  1. aThe dependency of the genotypes of siblings is taken into account by using the empirical variance
  2. bNew score statistic
  3. cModified version of U obtained by combining siblings with IBD = 1 and IBD = 2
  4. dLikelihood ratio statistic of LAMP comparing the models GM and LE [2]