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Table 1 Genes used to create phenotype definition

From: Extracting disease risk profiles from expression data for linkage analysis: application to prostate cancer

Gene Location
   ABCC4 chr13q32
   AMACR chr5p13.2-q11.1
   MIPEP chr13q12
   PRC1 chr15q26.1
   SMS chrXp22.1
   ANXA2 chr15q21-q22
   ARHGDIB chr12p12.3
   ASS chr9q34.1
   BHLHB2 chr3p26
   CD74 chr5q32
   CSPG2 chr5q14.3
   CUTL1 chr7q22.1
   CX3CL1 chr16q13
   FHL2 chr2q12-q14
   FLNA chrXq28
   GATA3 chr10p15
   GBP2 chr1p22.2 I
   ER3 chr6p21.3
   IRF1 chr5q31.1
   KRT7 chr12q12-q13
   LY6E chr8q24.3
   MMP7 chr11q21-q22
   MYL9 chr20q11.23
   SERPINB1 chr6p25
   TOP2B chr3p24
   WFDC2 chr20q12-q13.2