3 in the same region. This region is particularly interesting because a susceptibility locus for Hirschsprung disease, a disease characterized by enteric malformation, was previously mapped to 9q31. The proposed strategy of limiting the genome-wide analysis to a small number of well characterized candidate expression phenotypes and following up the most promising results in a larger number of correlated traits may prove successful for other groups of genes involved in a common pathway."/>
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Table 1 Heritability and genetic and environmental correlations (below and above diagonal) of traits included in genome-wide scan

From: Incorporating prior biological information in linkage studies increases power and limits multiple testing

    Genetic and environmental correlations (SE)
Probe Chr. position h 2 201387_s_at 202154_x_at 203440_at 218501_at
201387_s_at 4p13 0.36   0.05 (0.10) -0.21 (0.12) -0.15 (0.11)
202154_x_at 16q24.3 0.21 0.60 (0.25)   0.09 (0.10) -0.38 (0.08)
203440_at 18q12.1 0.27 0.17 (0.38) -0.27 (0.30)   0.07 (0.11)
218501_at 3p14.3 0.13 0.10 (0.41) 0.30 (0.39) 0.40 (0.44)