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Table 2 Biological properties of the clustered expression phenotypes within the hotspot on chromosome 14

From: Transcription activity hot spot, is it real or an artifact?

Gene Location Gene ontology molecular function Gene ontology biological process
DDX24 a chr14q32.13 nucleotide binding RNA metabolism
FDPS chr1q22 transferase activity cholesterol biosynthesis
TRAM2 chr6p12.2 NA protein targeting
AP3B1 chr5q14.1 binding intracellular protein transport
PDIA3 chr1q21.1 protein disulfide isomerase activity electron transport
SMARCB1 chr22q11.23 protein binding chromatin remodeling
CBARA1 chr10q22.1 calcium ion binding defense response
RAP80 chr5q35.2 NA transcription
GSTO1 chr10q25.1 glutathione transferase activity metabolism
IGBP1 chrXq13.1 protein phosphatase type 2A regulator activity response to biotic stimulus
LSM3 chr3p25.1 RNA binding nuclear mRNA splicing, via spliceosome
INPP5A chr10q26.3 inositol phosphatase activity cell communication
SEC13L1 chr3p25.3 NA intracellular protein transport
TXNDC chr14q22.1 electron transporter activity DNA replication
RPN2 chr20q11.23 transferase activity protein modification
ATG5 chr6q21 NA autophagy
NDUFB2 chr7q34 NADH dehydrogenase activity generation of precursor metabolites and energy
ZA20D3 chr15q25.1 DNA binding NA
  1. aBold text indicates the subset of eight genes from less correlated expression phenotypes.