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Figure 2

From: Comparison of genome-wide single-nucleotide polymorphism linkage analyses in Caucasian and Hispanic NARAC families

Figure 2

Distribution of genome-wide simulated MOD scores in 100,000 bootstraps on 1000 replicates for the Caucasians. Every tenth genome-wide maximum simulated MOD scores by bootstrapping 100,000 times on 1000 replicates are used in the figure due to the number of points limited for plotting. Maximum MOD scores of 16.87, 4.10, 3.70, and 3.22 from real Caucasian data on chromosomes 6, 2, 11, and 7 correspond to genome-wide p-values of ~0.0, 0.08, 0.17, and 0.42, respectively, as indicated by arrows.

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