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Table 1 The number of provincial hospitals who have implemented the EWORS program

From: EWORS: using a syndromic-based surveillance tool for disease outbreak detection in Indonesia

No. Hospital Name Province Date Implemented
1 Sanglah, Denpasar Bali October 1998
2 Labuang Baji, Makasar South Sulawesi February 1999
3 Soedarso, Pontianak West Kalimantan March 1999
4 Pirngadi, Medan, North Sumatera April 1999
5 Persahabatan, Jakarta Jakarta September 1999
6 Sulianti Saroso, Jakarta Jakarta May 2000
7 Sarjito, Yogyakarta Yogyakarta December 2000
8 AW Sjachranie East Kalimantan March 2003
9 Kanujoso, Balikapapan East Kalimantan March 2003