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Table 4 Previously identified non-chromosome 6 loci or regions that contribute to the risk of RA

From: A search for non-chromosome 6 susceptibility loci contributing to rheumatoid arthritis

Locus Location Type of variation Reference
SLC22A4 5q31 Intronic SNP Tokuhiro et al. [10]
RUNX1 21q22.3 Intronic SNP Tokuhiro et al. [10]
PADI4 1p36.13 Production of RA-specific autoantibodies Suzuki et al. [11]
PTPN22 1p13 Non-synonymous coding SNP Begovich et al. [12]
MHC2TA 16p13 SNP in the type III of the MHC class II transactivator Swanberg et al. [13]
STAT4 2q32.2-3 Intronic SNP Remmers et al. [14]
TRAF1-C5 9q33-34 A 100-kb region Plenge et al. [7]