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Table 1 Three most reliable gene networks associated with each phytonutrient

From: Effects of dietary plant-derived phytonutrients on the genome-wide profiles and coccidiosis resistance in the broiler chickens

Treatment Network No. Top Functions* Focus Genes Score
  1 Antigen Presentation, Humoral Immune Response, Inflammatory Disease 18 39
Cinnamaldehyde 2 Cardiovascular System Development and Function, Tissue Morphology, Drug Metabolism 14 28
  3 Cell Death, Gene Expression, Cellular Development 14 27
  1 Cell Morphology, Cellular Assembly and Organization, Cellular Function and Maintenance 14 29
Carvacrol 2 Cell-To-Cell Signaling and Interaction, Tissue Development, Cellular Movement 12 24
  3 Genetic Disorder, Renal and Urological Disease, Endocrine System Development and Function 12 24
  1 Gene Expression, Cardiovascular System Development and Function, Cellular Growth and Proliferation 23 39
Capsicum oleoresin 2 Developmental Disorder, Genetic Disorder, Neurological Disease 19 28
  3 Carbohydrate Metabolism, Cardiovascular System Development and Function, Hepatic System Disease 15 23
  1. * The top 3 high-level functions from the Functional Analysis of a Network. This provides an overview of the biological functions associated with a given network.