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Table 1 Description of the different disposable bioreactors assessed.

From: Disposable bioreactors: from process development to production

Name Mobius® Cellready3L Nucleo TM Cultibag STR TM Cultibag RM TM Cultibag Orbital TM β-test
Supplier Millipore Pierre Guerin ATMI Sartorius
Agitation type Marine impeller Paddle 2 x 3-blade segment impeller Move back and forth Orbital shaking
Minimum working volume 1L 8L 10L 5.5L 25L
Maximum working volume 2,5L 20L 50L 20L 50L
Oxygen regulation Micro or marcro sparger Overlay + Sparger Overlay + Sparger Overlay only Overlay only
pH regulation with carbon dioxide Headspace or sparger Sparger Sparger Headspace Headspace
Temperature regulation Blanket Jacket Jacket Blanket Blanket