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Figure 5 | BMC Proceedings

Figure 5

From: A ν-support vector regression based approach for predicting imputation quality

Figure 5

ROC curve at the threshold = 0.9, (A) Scenario 1, AUC(Predicted IQS):0.8269, AUC(True Imputation Accuracy):0.9883, and AUC(Predicted Imputation Accuracy):0.8041 (B) Scenario 2, AUC(Predicted IQS):0.8082, AUC(True Imputation Accuracy):0.9848, and AUC(Predicted Imputation Accuracy):0.8030 (C) Scenario 3, AUC(Predicted IQS):0.8230, AUC(True Imputation Accuracy):0.9892, and AUC(Predicted Imputation Accuracy):0.7890 (D) Scenario 4, AUC(Predicted IQS):0.8620, AUC(True Imputation Accuracy):0.9967, and AUC(Predicted Imputation Accuracy):0.8399

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