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Figure 1

From: A novel genotype of MVA that efficiently replicates in single cell suspensions

Figure 1

(A) Schematic of the genomic DNA of MVA-CR. The region covered by next generation sequencing is shown together with the mutations (in single letter code for amino acids, e.g. H639Y is His639 → Tyr) in the three genes. ITR (viral telomers) and deletion sites in MVA as light gray boxes are shown for orientation. (B) CR.pIX single-cell suspension cultures were infected with wildtype (wt) and MVA-CR19. Cells were immunostained for virus antigens 48 h post infection and quantified by FACS to investigate differences in the dissemination of infectious units in absence of aggregate induction. (C) Cell fusion is induced by wildtpe MVA but less so by MVA-CR19. Red immunofluorescence against MVA antigens serves as a positive control for infection. Blue fluorescence of DNA is shown for orientation. MVA-negative cells next to infected cells are shown in the panels where virus was added to a multiplicity of infection (MOI) of 0.1.

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