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Figure 1

From: Generation of genetically engineered CHO cell lines to support the production of a difficult to express therapeutic protein

Figure 1

A highlights the reduced expression of mitochondria encoded genes in CHO cells expressing the "novel therapeutic protein" in comparison to parental CHO cells. The y-axis shows the gene expression values in signal intensities. B: Batch culture titers of the "novel therapeutic protein" in shake flask are shown. Titer for CHO WT cells are labeled in red, titer for CHO cells with reduced expression of gene A (shRNA approach) are labeled in yellow and titer for CHO cells with non-functional gene A (knockout) are labeled in green. C: Cell growth of CHO WT cells and CHO knockout (KO) cells with and without "novel therapeutic protein" in shake flasks. Y-axis shows viable cell density and x-axis cultivation time. D: Gene expression of mitochondrial encoded genes is not reduced in all three generated CHO KO cell lines with the "novel therapeutic protein". Hierarchical clustering reveals that the "novel therapeutic protein" does not affect the gene expression profile of the KO cell lines. In contrast the "novel therapeutic protein" has a clear effect on the WT cell line.

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