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Table 1 Methods used to estimate Direct Genomic Values (DGV) from genotypic and phenotypic data of the XVI QTL-MAS Workshop

From: XVIth QTLMAS: simulated dataset and comparative analysis of submitted results for QTL mapping and genomic evaluation

First Author Methods1 Label
Pong Wong Bayesian Horseshoe Horseshoe
  Bayes A BayesA
  Bayes B BayesB
  Bayes C BayesC
  Bayesian Lasso BayesLasso
Ogutu* Group Bridge Regression GBRIDGE
  Group Min Max Concavity Penalty GMCP
  Group Least Angle Shrinkage & selection operator GLASSO
  Group smoothly clipped absolute deviation GSCAD
  sparse group LASSO sgLASSO
  1. * Ogutu evaluated 5 methods with 10 different group size of predictor each