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Figure 1

From: Integrating skin and vasculature in a Multi-Organ-Chip Platform

Figure 1

Skin and vasculature co-culture in the MOC. a) Exploded view of the MOC platform comprising a polycarbonate adapter-plate and a PDMS chip accommodating two microfluidic circuits (footprint: 76 mm × 25 mm; height: 3 mm) each with one culture compartment and one Medium reservoir. b) Microvascular circuit in the MOC after 7d co-culture. Functionality of the microvascular vessel system demonstrated by live cell viability staining (CellTrace™Calcein red-orange AM assay; red). c) Characterization of skin tissues. A1-E1 native foreskin (FS) biopsy. A2-E2 skin equivalent (SE) at d0 of MOC culture. A3-E3 SE cultured statically outside the MOC for 7 days. A4-E4 SE cultured in the MOC platform for 7 days. TUNEL/Ki67 staining showing apoptotic and proliferating cells, respectively (A). Functionality of SE shown by K10/K15 (B), Collagen I (C), Laminin 5 (D), and Vimentin (E) expression.

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