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Table 3 List of loci with most significant epistasis signals for real and simulated phenotypes

From: Association of polymorphisms in the aldosterone-regulated sodium reabsorption pathway with blood pressure among Hispanics

Phenotype Locus 1 Locus 2 p Value
Real phenotypes
DBP INS (rs5506) PIK3R2 (rs1011320) 0.0002169
SBP INSR (rs3745548) PRKCG (rs3745405) 0.0002839
MAP INSR (rs3745548) PRKCG (rs3745405) 0.0001629
PP PIK3CD (rs28730674) PIK3R1 (rs61749601) 0.0000746
Hypertension PIK3CD (rs11121484) ATP1B2 (rs1642763) 0.0004479
Simulated phenotypes
DBP PIK3R1 (rs3730089) INSR (rs78312382) 0.0001178
SBP INSR (rs6413502) INSR (rs3815902) 0.0000232
MAP INSR (rs6413502) INSR (rs3815902) 0.0002596
PP PIK3R3 (rs75775922) PIK3CA (rs3729682) 0.0001188
Hypertension INSR (rs2860177) INSR (rs7252268) 0.0004135