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Table 1 Invited attendees of London workshop, 25 May 2016

From: The activity of the Research Investments in Global Health study and ways forward within the global funding and policy landscape

Alex Blum Public Policy @ Southampton
Gavin Costigan Public Policy @ Southampton
Catherine Cotton Federation of European Microbiological Societies
Kevin Dolby Wellcome Trust
Emily Gale Medical Research Council
Pat Goodwin Microbiology Society
Felix Greaves Public Health England
Chris Lowry British Society of Immunology
Anthony Scott London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Andrew Smith Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Vinny Smith Meningitis Research Foundation
Neil Squires Faculty of Public Health
Sophie Taysom Department of Health
Charlotte Watts UK Department for International Development
Philip Price Wellcome Trust
Graham Tynan Wellcome Trust
Marco De Ambrogi The Lancet Infectious Diseases
John Broughall Antibiotic Research UK
Mark Zuckerman Clinical Virology Network