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Table 1 NRMN Integrated Logic Model

From: Using collaborative approaches with a multi-method, multi-site, multi-target intervention: evaluating the National Research Mentoring Network

Program Components Goals Key Program Outputs Key Short-term Outcomes
Match/link mentees to mentors and coaches Increase access to mentoring across all career stages Number of mentors and mentees engaged in mentoring relationships
Number of mentors, mentees, coaches matched through NRMN
Number of mentors and mentees engaged in MyNRMN
Increased number and diversity of individuals engaged in mentoring relationships
Increased size of mentoring networks for individuals and groups
Train mentors, coaches & mentees Train and certify mentors
Train grant writing coaches
Train mentees
Improve cultural responsiveness in mentorships
Number individuals recruited, trained
Number individuals certified
Number of evidence-based, career-stage-tailored training programs
Increased # of trained mentors and coaches available to work with individuals at all career stages in the biomedical research field
Increased quality of culturally-sensitive mentoring and coaching of individuals across career stages at an increased number of US colleges and universities
Refer mentees to career and research resources Increase access to research resources and career development opportunities Number of organizations partnering with NRMN to provide career and research resources to NRMN trainee and mentee participants
Number of resources offered through and in partnerships with NRMN
Number of individuals using resources
Increased access to career-enhancing resources, offered through and beyond NRMN offerings, by a diverse population of individuals and higher education institutions
Increased size and quality of a network of organizations, associations, and qualified mentors and researchers committed to ensuring long-term diversity in the biomedical workforce
Promote the value of career mentoring across the nation Partner with professional societies and organizations
Increase awareness at all levels: individuals, institutions, associations
Number professional societies and organizations partnering with NRMN to promote career mentoring
Number of entities promoting mentoring and NRMN
Increased recognition at colleges/universities of the value of mentoring for diverse workforce at all career stages
Increased national level recognition of efforts to diversify the US biomedical workforce achieved through NRMN career and grant writing mentoring and coaching