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Table 1 Program activity categories by target group

From: Evaluating efforts to diversify the biomedical workforce: the role and function of the Coordination and Evaluation Center of the Diversity Program Consortium

Target Group Activity Categories
• Mentoring
• Research Training and Support
• Enrollment in Novel Curricula
• Financial Support
• Diversity Training
• Academic Advising and Support
• Career Advancement and Development
• Mentor Training
• Mentoring (as Mentee or Mentor)
• Research Training and Support
• Developing and Delivering Novel Curricula
• Financial Support
• Diversity Training
BUILD Institutions Support for all BUILD Student and Faculty Activities, plus
• Building and Development of Facilities
• Collaboration and Communication
• Procedures for Administration of Programs
• Student Recruitment and Retention Strategies
NRMN • Match / Link Mentors and Mentees
• Mentor/Coach/ Mentee Training
• Referral to Resources
• Promotion of Mentoring Value