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Table 4 BUILDing SCHOLARS research-driven courses (RDCs)

From: BUILDing SCHOLARS: enhancing diversity among U.S. biomedical researchers in the Southwest

Area Course Type Level RDC Title
Biology Lab Fr I & II Stop that Bacteria!
Chemistry Lab Fr I & II Circadian Rhythm Genes and Proteins
Engineering Lab Fr I mHealth Technologies
Engineering Lab Jr & Sr Advanced mHealth Technologies
Psychology Lecture Fr I Cultural Effects on Health Decisions
Psychology Lecture Soph Behavioral Interventions in Medical Settings to Address Substance Abuse among Ethnic Minorities
Biology Lab Fr I & II Antagonizing G-protein Coupled Receptors
Biology Lab Fr I & II Characterization of Cellular Proteins Implicated in HIV-1 Replication
Chemistry Lab Jr & Sr Proteins Folding Proteins: Understanding How Chaperonins Function
Sociology Lecture Fr I Interpersonal and Institutional Factors affecting Reproductive Health Practices on the US-Mexico Border
Engineering Lab Jr & Sr Biomaterial Implantology
Engineering Lab Jr MEMS-based Microfluidic Devices for Biomedical Applications
Psychology Lecture Fr I Psychobiology of Addiction Behavior
Social Work Lecture Jr & Sr Tackling the Root Causes of Heath Disparities