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Table 1 The p values of the SPUw and aSPUw tests with different sets of weights

From: An adaptive gene-based test for methylation data

ω j Gene SPUw(1) SPUw(2) SPUw(3) SPUw(4) SPUw(∞) aSPUw
\( 1/\sqrt{\mathit{\operatorname{var}}\left({G}_{ij}\right)} \) CPT1A 6.2E-01 2.1E-02 4.6E-04 9.0E-06 0.0E + 00 1.0E-06
\( 1/\sqrt{\mathit{\operatorname{var}}\left({G}_{ij}\right)} \) APOA5 9.1E-01 2.5E-02 1.0E-02 1.1E-03 5.3E-05 1.3E-04
   SPU(1) SPU(2) SPU(3) SPU(4) SPU(∞) aSPU
1 CPT1A 2.3E-01 2.0E-02 1.7E-02 1.7E-02 2.1E-02 3.2E-02
1 APOA5 1.0E-02 5.0E-06 5.0E-06 5.0E-06 5.0E-06 1.1E-05