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Table 5 Behaviour change techniques (BCTs) frequently found to be applied in effective physical activity interventions

From: Evidence-based policy making for health promotion to reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases in Moldova

Behaviour change techniquesExplanation/definition
BiofeedbackProvide feedback about the body using an external device [78].
Demonstration of the behaviourProvide an observable example of the performance of the behaviour for imitation [78].
Behaviour practice/rehearsalPrompt practice or rehearsal of a behaviour in order to increase habit and skill [78].
Graded tasksSet easy-to-perform tasks, making them progressively difficult but achievable until behaviour is performed [78].
Action planningPrompt a detailed planning of how/where/when to perform the behaviour [78].
Instruction on how to perform the behaviourAdvise on how to perform the behaviour [78].
Prompts/cuesSet environmental or social stimulus with the purpose of prompting the behaviour [78].
Self-rewardPrompt self-praise or self-reward if there has been progress towards performing the behavior [78].