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Table 1 Effects of major genes

From: Genetic Analysis Workshop 15: simulation of a complex genetic model for rheumatoid arthritis in nuclear families including a dense SNP map with linkage disequilibrium between marker loci and trait loci

Locus Chr cM Trait locus effect
DR 6 49.4556 Affects directly the risk of RA
A 16 26.2879 Controls effect of DR on RA risk
B 8 170.9087 Controls effect of smoking on RA risk
C 6 49.4556 0 cM from DR, increases RA risk only in women
D 6 54.5717a 5.12a cM from DR, rare allele increases RA risk 5-fold
E 18 94.2729 Controls effect of DR on anti-CCP and increases RA risk
F 11 115.2864 QTL for IgM
G 9 49.3955 2 cM from Locus H, is 25% QTL for severity
H 9 51.4134a 2 cM from Locus G, is 25% QTL for severity
  1. aThese incorrect positions were reported to GAW participants. The correct positions are for Locus D: 59.4756 cM, 10.02 cM from Locus DR/C, and for Locus H: 51.2555 cM which is 1.86 cM from Locus G.