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Comprehensive therapy for human H5N1


The mortality of human H5N1 (pneumonia) is very high. The cumulative number of confirmed human cases of avian influenza A(H5N1) reported is 504, and 59.3% of them have been dead (situation on 12, August 2010). Early intervention could improve the prognosis of this disease.


In order to initiate appropriate treatment earlier, we perform a three step strategy named “Comprehensive Therapy for human A (H5N1): CT-H5N1” in northern Vietnam since 2008. Upon step 1, residents are educated to visit healthcare facilities sooner when he/she gets sick after close contact with sick/dead poultry; on Step 2, medical staffs in provincial hospitals make a diagnosis using a rapid diagnostic test for A(H5N1) that our colleagues developed. If positive, the patient is initiated antiviral treatments immediately and is referred to Central Hospital (BMH), if he/she is in severe condition; and on Step 3, the patient in critical condition is given advanced and intensive treatments including blood purification therapy.


Since December, 2008, we have been able to enroll 3 patients into our collaborative clinical research. All of them successfully survive.


CT-H5N1 would be effective; however enrollment of more patients is desirable.

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