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A new anti-malarial drug against murine malaria

Eosin B, a common laboratory dye has been earlier reported to have good anti protozoan properties in vitro. We studied this drug for its effect on a murine malaria strain, Plasmodium berghei (Pb) in vivo using different tests. Full suppressive 4 days Peter’s Test was used in infected outbred and inbred mice, using both ip and oral routes. Secondary biological assessment was carried out using dose ranging, ED50 and ED90 values obtained. Eosin B anti malarial activity at 400 Ug/ml given in both the routes was similar to that of artemisine and mice survival rate was double that of control and 3 days more than artemisine. PbGST activity was monitored and it was seen that eosin B lowered this enzyme activity. Eosin B seems to be a promising drug, exhibiting good anti malarial effects in the murine model of disease.

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Zamani, Z., Tafreshi, A.S., Nahrevanian, H. et al. A new anti-malarial drug against murine malaria. BMC Proc 5 (Suppl 1), P17 (2011).

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