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Table 1 Characterization of the industrial green liquor used in this work.

From: Pre-treatment of eucalypts biomass towards enzymatic saccharification

Analysis of green liquor Content (g.L-1)
Content of sodium sulfide (X) in Na2S 14.59
Content of sodium sulfite (Y) in Na2SO3 13.9
Content of sodium thiosulfate (Z) in Na2S2O3 3.16
Total alkali (concentration of alkaline constituents: OH-+HS-+HCO3-) expressed in NaOH 114.1
Active alkali (sum of concentrations of hydroxyl and hydro-sulfite ions including ions formed by hydrolysis of sulfides: OH-+HS-) expressed in NaOH 43.3
Effective alkali (concentration of hydroxyl ions including those formed from sulfides by hydrolysis: OH-) expressed in NaOH 32.5
Sulfidity 33.7 %