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Recent application developments in genomic research using the AdvanCE™ FS capillary electrophoresis platform

Central to genomic research is the analysis of nucleic acids, which requires versatile, sensitive and high throughput technologies that can deliver accurate results in a short time. Reported herein are recent developments for sizing and/or quantifying nucleic acids (dsDNA and RNA) on a parallel capillary electrophoresis platform with LED-based fluorescence detection (AdvanCE™ FS system). This flexible multi-capillary platform has been employed for applications such as SSR, gDNA analysis, RNA analysis, quantification of next generation sequencing (NGS) libraries, and the separation and sizing of large cDNA from Populus spp,This poster will discuss recent validation of the platform for a subset of these applications in detail. The AdvanCE™ FS system successfully scored all SSR samples with resolution as low as 2 bp. Assessment of the quality/concentration of gDNA is also demonstrated with a new separation matrix, for separation of large DNA fragments. Separation and sizing of large cDNA was also demonstrated with good resolution and accuracy. A method for rapid and sensitive detection of total RNA concentration and quality will be discussed, as well as the sizing and quantification of NGS libraries.The AdvanCE™ FS platform offers rapid separation and ample resolution with excellent sensitivity and dynamic range, to benefit a variety of applications in genomic research.

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Petersen, J., Baker, D., Dibya, D. et al. Recent application developments in genomic research using the AdvanCE™ FS capillary electrophoresis platform. BMC Proc 5, P50 (2011).

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