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Figure 1

From: First CpG island microarray for genome-wide analyses of DNA methylation in Chinese hamster ovary cells: new insights into the epigenetic answer to butyrate treatment

Figure 1

(A) Viable cell densities, viabilities and cell specific productivities for batch CHO DP-12 reference (blue) and butyrate treated (red) cultivations. The green dashed line marks the point of butyrate addition. Error bars represent standard deviations. (B) Venn diagram showing the numbers of genes associated with differentially methylated CpG islands before (0 h), 24 hours and 48 hours upon butyrate addition. Gene Ontology classification was performed using DAVID [9] with an EASE score ≤ 0.01 (C) COBRA analysis of a part of the CGI (blue) of the myc proto-oncogene protein-like gene (green) differential methylation was detected for (red). Cleavage products indicate methylation of BstUI sites in the original DNA.

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