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Figure 2

From: Application of noncollapsing methods to the gene-based association test: a comparison study using Genetic Analysis Workshop 18 data

Figure 2

ROC curves for 4 noncollapsing algorithms and 2 standard methods. ROC curves for 4 different pathway algorithms based on 1237 genes from 849 subjects on trait SBP (first visit). In the left plot, false-positive rate (FPR) ranges from 0 to 1. In the right plot, FPR is scaled to be less than 0.1 as only the true-positive rate (TPR) with a low FPR is of interest. Black curve, naïve method; blue curve, Fisher's method; red curve, Simes' method; green curve, GSEA method; purple curve, SKAT; yellow curve, famSKAT.

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