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Table 2 MR results with CIV and TSLS at RNMT;C18orf19 and C6orf141 using the SNP sets F and R

From: Investigating potential causal relationships between SNPs, DNA methylation and HDL

Gene # SNPs selected by CIV Instrument strength of CIV: F-stat/CP a Instrument strength of TSLS: F-stat/CP a #Associated probes by CIV b (# also naïve) #Associated probes by TSLS c (# also naïve)
RNMT;C18orf19 1 22.83/22.96 (F) 2.21/346.03
(R) 8.88/136.39
1(1) 1(1)
C6orf141 11 1.42/27.81 (F) 1.35/78.01
(R) 1.12/23.01
3(1) 1(1)
  1. The number of associated probes based on 95% bootstrap confidence intervals is shown, and the instrument strength at the most strongly associated CpG is also reported. Egger regression with SNP set F only identified the probe in C6orf141.
  2. a F-stat/CP,F-statistic/concentration parameter
  3. b Number of CpGs showing significant MR association with CIV (number of these probes also demonstrating naïve association)
  4. c TSLS has the same result using set F or set R