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Volume 10 Supplement 9

Proceedings of the Inaugural Conference of COST Action funded (BM1407 BEAT-PCD), 'Better Experimental Approaches to Treat Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia'


Publication of this supplement was funded by BEAT-PCD (COST Action BM 1407); BEAT-PCD is funded by COST through European Framework Horizon 2020 support.

Southampton, UK7-9 December 2015

  1. Content type: Meeting report

    Primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) is a rare heterogenous condition that causes progressive suppurative lung disease, chronic rhinosinusitis, chronic otitis media, infertility and abnormal situs. ‘Better Experim...

    Authors: Bruna Rubbo, Laura Behan, Eleonora Dehlink, Myrofora Goutaki, Claire Hogg, Panayiotis Kouis, Claudia E. Kuehni, Philipp Latzin, Kim Nielsen, Dominic Norris, Sylvia Nyilas, Mareike Price and Jane S. Lucas

    Citation: BMC Proceedings 2016 10(Suppl 9):66

    Published on: