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Abstracts of the 16th International Charles Heidelberger Symposium on Cancer Research

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Primary bone lymphoma

  • C Pissarro C Azevedo1Email author,
  • P José AFF Tavares2,
  • M Isabel P Portela1,
  • A José LCP Santos2 and
  • J Manuel PS Casanova2
BMC Proceedings20104(Suppl 2):P8


Published: 24 September 2010


Primary bone lymphoma (PBL) accounts for 3% of all primary bone malignancies [1] and represents <2% of all lymphomas in adults [2].

Material and methods

Retrospective review of 25 patients with PBL treated at a single institution between 1995 and 2010.


14 patients were female. The median age was 63 years (30-90). 13 had localized disease. The tumor had an axial location in 20 patients (80%). 6 patients presented with a pathologic fracture. The histological type was Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma B in all patients. There were 18 high grade lymphomas. According to the IPI, 8 cases (32%) were classified as low risk, 11 cases (44%) as intermediate risk and 6 (24%) as high risk. All patients received chemotherapy. 17 patients were treated with radiotherapy to a total dose that varied from 15 to 50 Gy. 7 patients underwent surgical treatment. The median follow-up was 12 months (1-121). Recurrence of the disease was seen in 3 patients. 9 patients had disease progression. With regard to the status of the patients: 8 patients are continuously disease free; 3 patients are alive with disease; 10 patients died of the disease; 2 patients died of other cause. The 10-year overall survival rate was 45%. The 5-year survival rate was 85% for low-risk IPI vs 35% for intermediate-risk IPI vs 18% for high-risk IPI.


Combined modality treatment results in good survival rates in patients with low-risk and intermediate-risk PBL.

Authors’ Affiliations

Department of Medical Oncology, Portuguese Oncology Institute of Coimbra
Bone and Soft Tissue Tumor Unit, Coimbra University Hospital


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