Volume 5 Supplement 4

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Animal Genomics for Animal Health (AGAH 2010)


Edited by Marie-Hélène Pinard-van der Laan

International Symposium on Animal Genomics for Animal Health (AGAH 2010). Go to conference site.

Paris, France

31 May - 2 June 2010

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  1. Proceedings

    Report from the Second International Symposium on Animal Genomics for Animal Health: Critical Needs, Challenges and Potential Solutions

    The second International Symposium on Animal Genomics for Animal Health held in Paris, France 31 May-2 June, 2010, assembled more than 140 participants representing research organizations from 40 countries. Th...

    Steve C Bishop, Joan K Lunney, Marie-Hélène Pinard-van der Laan and Cyril G Gay

    BMC Proceedings 2011 5(Suppl 4):S1

    Published on: 3 June 2011

  2. Proceedings

    Emerging roles of chicken and viral microRNAs in avian disease

    MicroRNAs are short RNAs (~22 nt) expressed by plants, animals and viruses that regulate gene expression post-transcriptionally, and their importance is highlighted by distinct patterns of expression in many p...

    Joan Burnside and Robin Morgan

    BMC Proceedings 2011 5(Suppl 4):S2

    Published on: 3 June 2011

  3. Proceedings

    Multi-comparative systems biology analysis reveals time-course biosignatures of in vivo bovine pathway responses to B. melitensis, S. enterica Typhimurium and M. avium paratuberculosis

    To decipher the complexity and improve the understanding of host-pathogen interactions, biologists must adopt new system level approaches in which the hierarchy of biological interactions and dynamics can be s...

    L Garry Adams, Sangeeta Khare, Sara D Lawhon, Carlos A Rossetti, Harris A Lewin, Mary S Lipton, Joshua E Turse, Dennis C Wylie, Yu Bai and Kenneth L Drake

    BMC Proceedings 2011 5(Suppl 4):S6

    Published on: 3 June 2011

  4. Proceedings

    Down-regulation of promoter methylation level of CD4 gene after MDV infection in MD-susceptible chicken line

    Marek’s disease virus (MDV) is an oncovirus that induces lymphoid tumors in susceptible chickens, and may affect the epigenetic stability of the CD4 gene. The purpose of this study was to find the effect of MDV i...

    Juan Luo, Ying Yu, Huanmin Zhang, Fei Tian, Shuang Chang, Hans H Cheng and Jiuzhou Song

    BMC Proceedings 2011 5(Suppl 4):S7

    Published on: 3 June 2011

  5. Proceedings

    Toll-Like Receptor 6 differential expression in two pig genetic groups vaccinated against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae

    Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae is the etiologic agent of enzootic pneumonia, which causes important economic losses to swine industry. The Toll-like receptors (TLRs) are pattern-recognition receptors which detect micro...

    Katiene Régia Silva Sousa, André Mauric Frossard Ribeiro, Paulo Roberto Nunes Goes, Simone Eliza Facioni Guimarães, Paulo Sávio Lopes, Renata Veroneze and Eliane Gasparino

    BMC Proceedings 2011 5(Suppl 4):S9

    Published on: 3 June 2011

  6. Proceedings

    Transcription variants of SLA-7, a swine non classical MHC class I gene

    In pig, very little information is available on the non classical class I (Ib) genes of the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) i.e. SLA-6, -7 and -8. Our aim was to focus on the transcription pattern of the S...

    Rui Hu, Gaëtan Lemonnier, Emmanuelle Bourneuf, Silvia Vincent-Naulleau and Claire Rogel-Gaillard

    BMC Proceedings 2011 5(Suppl 4):S10

    Published on: 3 June 2011

  7. Proceedings

    Gene expression pattern in swine neutrophils after lipopolysaccharide exposure: a time course comparison

    Experimental exposure of swine neutrophils to bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS) represents a model to study the innate immune response during bacterial infection. Neutrophils can effectively limit the infecti...

    Gema Sanz-Santos, Ángeles Jiménez-Marín, Rocío Bautista, Noé Fernández, Gonzalo M Claros and Juan J Garrido

    BMC Proceedings 2011 5(Suppl 4):S11

    Published on: 3 June 2011

  8. Proceedings

    Cross reactive cellular immune responses in chickens previously exposed to low pathogenic avian influenza

    Avian influenza (AI) infection in poultry can result in high morbidity and mortality, and negatively affect international trade. Because most AI vaccines used for poultry are inactivated, our knowledge of immu...

    Darrell R Kapczynski, Karen Liljebjelke, Gururaj Kulkarni, Henry Hunt, Hai Jun Jiang and Daniel Petkov

    BMC Proceedings 2011 5(Suppl 4):S13

    Published on: 3 June 2011

  9. Proceedings

    Genome-wide identification of allele-specific expression (ASE) in response to Marek’s disease virus infection using next generation sequencing

    Marek’s disease (MD), a T cell lymphoma induced by the highly oncogenic α-herpesvirus Marek’s disease virus (MDV), is the main chronic infectious disease concern threatening the poultry industry. Enhancing gen...

    Sean MacEachern, William M Muir, Seth Crosby and Hans H Cheng

    BMC Proceedings 2011 5(Suppl 4):S14

    Published on: 3 June 2011

  10. Proceedings

    Evidence for genetic variance in resistance to tuberculosis in Great Britain and Irish Holstein-Friesian populations

    Here, we jointly summarise scientific evidence for genetic variation in resistance to infection with Mycobacterium bovis, the primary agent of bovine tuberculosis (TB), provided by two recent and separate studies...

    Mairead L Bermingham, Susan Brotherstone, Donagh P Berry, Simon J More, Margaret Good, Andrew R Cromie, Ian MS White, Isabella M Higgins, Mike Coffey, Sara H Downs, Elizabeth J Glass, Stephen C Bishop, Andy P Mitchell, Richard S Clifton-Hadley and John A Woolliams

    BMC Proceedings 2011 5(Suppl 4):S15

    Published on: 3 June 2011

  11. Proceedings

    Genome wide scan for somatic cell counts in holstein bulls

    Mastitis is the most costly disease for dairy production, and control of the disease is often difficult, due to its multi-factorial nature. Susceptibility to mastitis is under partial genetic control and the i...

    Giulietta Minozzi, Ezequiel L Nicolazzi, Francesco Strozzi, Alessandra Stella, Riccardo Negrini, Paolo Ajmone-Marsan and John L Williams

    BMC Proceedings 2011 5(Suppl 4):S17

    Published on: 3 June 2011

  12. Proceedings

    Across-line SNP association study for (innate) immune and behavioral traits in laying hens

    An association study between single nucleotide polymorphism markers (SNP) and (innate and adaptive) immune parameters but also feather condition score on the back, rump and belly of laying hens was performed. ...

    Jan J van der Poel, Filippo Biscarini, Bas T Rodenburg, Johan AM van Arendonk, Henk K Parmentier, Annemieke P Jungerius and Henk Bovenhuis

    BMC Proceedings 2011 5(Suppl 4):S18

    Published on: 3 June 2011

  13. Proceedings

    The three-way relationship of polymorphisms of porcine genes encoding terminal complement components, their differential expression, and health-related phenotypes

    The complement system is an evolutionary ancient mechanism that plays an essential role in innate immunity and contributes to the acquired immune response. Three modes of activation, known as classical, altern...

    Klaus Wimmers, Do Vo Anh Khoa, Sabine Schütze, Eduard Murani and Siriluck Ponsuksili

    BMC Proceedings 2011 5(Suppl 4):S19

    Published on: 3 June 2011

  14. Proceedings

    Preliminary association analysis of TLR9 gene polymorphisms and immune parameters in an Italian Holstein calves population

    This preliminary study was aimed at evaluating the association between single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) on Toll like receptor 9 (TLR9) gene and some immunological parameters in a population of Italian Ho...

    Elisabetta Catalani, Alessandro Nardone, Antonino Barone, Maria Teresa Scicluna, Gian Luca Autorino, Andrea Caprioli and Nicola Lacetera

    BMC Proceedings 2011 5(Suppl 4):S20

    Published on: 3 June 2011

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